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About Me.

Ernest Waith is an intuitive writer, speaker, and content creator. He lends his gifts of service by sharing God’s love, and mercy for all those who need a dose of calm, compassion and feeling of inclusion. His experience as a son reared to lead and a young man, trained to manage, has allowed him to be in control of his intentions to serve those he’s called to motivate and transform.

Finding Your Voice
Ernest Waith & C.E. Melville

There is a child in all of us who needs to be heard.
“Finding Your Voice,” describes the series of events in a young boy’s life worth observing. As he fought his own will to accept what others thought he should be, he instead found out that the most powerful weapon to demolish evil was his voice. It is the hope that people, all over the world, are touched by such a moment in time and can create a life pattern of speaking their heart fearlessly to others.

Be the voice. spread your message.